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Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s new AR headset, costing $3,499

Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s new AR headset and it costs $3,499. Almost three times the price of MacBook Air 13-inch

Apple ($AAPL) unveiled its long-awaited mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 (WWDC).

“It’s the first Apple product you look through and not at,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience.

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The Vision Pro is built with five sensors, six microphones, and 12 cameras. Processing power comes from both Apple’s M2 chip and its new R1 chip. While Apple says the Vision Pro will run all day when plugged into an outlet, you’ll need a secondary battery pack to use it on the go. The battery, however, lasts just two hours on a charge.

The headset, which Apple refers to as a “spatial computer,” includes Apple’s first fully 3D interface, ways to scale apps up or down in your space, and a feature called Environments, which transforms the room you’re in into an immersive, natural landscape.

Running on Apple’s new visionOS, you’ll navigate the headset using your eyes, hands, and voice. For those looking at you while wearing the headset, there’s a feature called EyeSight that allows others to see a representation of your eyes on the Vision Pro’s external display.

The company also emphasized its existing apps, saying that Apple Vision Pro will change how you use apps like Notes, Keynote, FaceTime, and Messages. The headset also is compatible with Bluetooth accessories, and the company briefly touched on gaming options – 100 Arcade app games will be linked to the Vision Pro.



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  • Ophulucus

    Why would anyone want this? I got free VR from Samsung like 8 years ago and realized it was a gimmick then. Quit trying to make VR a thing now.

  • britlsnb

    So much this. It’s 3D TV all over again just for tech vs. movie studios. I am not now, and not ever, going to put something bulky like this on my head just for consuming media etc.

    Will there be some niche uses in gaming, maybe some edge-case office/media work? Sure and good for them. Mainstream adoption? Not a chance.

  • Kxeven2

    Apple just killed the Quest. Save your $499 and take out a $3000 apple credit card loan.

    • yes it looks like Apple credit card penetration was deeply was in consideration

  • @Marmiko

    This is overpriced, niche, primitive tech (just look at that cable) product. Use case and usability is tough to sell. Definitely not family friendly product, not even Bob Iger flex cannot sell this bs.

    • Zucc living rent-free in Apple fans’ heads 😀

  • SteveDC

    How is this different than the largely pointless HoloLens? I guess I just don’t get AR goggles…

    • Completely different kind of display, and Hololens is far less powerful and more functionally limited than this in several ways

  • To all the people who said the original iPhone would fail, we present the Apple Vision Pro.

  • Apple, whether you think that’s an important difference or not is up to you.

  • Golden Bears

    Somebody on Bloomberg mentioned you could use these to talk to people at a club or bar or other loud environments where you can’t hear other people speak. If you’re wearing one of these at a club then I can assure you nobody will be talking to you!!

  • $Tim

    $3500 AR/VR headset has an EXTERNAL battery pack that gives 2 hours of screen time on a charge.

  • $Tim

    $3500 could buy many of you guys a real girlfriend instead of a VR headset

  • A2

    Shorting AAPL.