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Stocks Backtesting Software Tools List


Portfolio123 is a legendary bias-free stock picking backtester. Portfolio123 uses Factset’s and Compustat’s point-in-time stock database which ensures no survivorship or any other bias. You can test virtually any stock picking strategy in Portfolio123. This tool is a must for any beginning or advanced stock investor.

What Portfolio123 offers?

  • Screener for Global Stocks & ETFs (daily)
  • Point-in-time price and fundamental data since 1999
  • Long/short strategies, price/fundamental driven signals
  • Multi-factor ranking, investing, rolling tests and optimizer
  • Multi-strategy tester and simulator

What is the price of Portfolio123?



Orats is basically an all-in-one Option Backtesting and data provider, since 2001. Orats has recently introduced one of the most innovative and modern Option Backtesters, called Wheel. Orats also offers high-quality historical option quotes and API.

What Orats offers?

Wheel Backtester:

  • Full options package for backtesting, scanning, trading, and risk analysis of options.
  • Test your strategies before trading them in the market.
  • Tweak your criteria, like delta and days to expiration and hundreds more triggers.
  • The Backtester simulates an option strategy using daily data back to 2007.
  • Backtester samples, instructions, videos, and tutorials are available.

Historical Option Quotes:

  • Historical near end-of-day quotes back to 2007 via FTP
  • Live 1-minute snapshots and history back to August 2020

Options Data API:

  • Market data and historical
  • Unlimited symbols
  • 20,000 API Calls Per Month

What is the price of Orats?


finviz backtester


FinViz is an industry standard for charts and financial data visualization, as well as the technical analysis and backtesting of technical trading rules, mainly for equities. A high level of customization and an offer of real-time data is an obvious feature of FinViz.

What FinViz offers?

  • Industry-Benchmark Advanced Charting Tools
  • Backtesting of technical indicators trading strategies
  • Advanced stock screener with customizable statistics
  • Fundamental data and charts
  • Intraday, pre-market and after-market data included
  • Custom alerts

What is the price of FinViz ?




TradeStation is a dedicated software platform integrated with Tradestation’s data for backtesting and auto-trading.

What TradeStation offers?

20+ Years of Historical Market Data for Equities, Forex, Crypto and Options:

  • Daily & intraday data (us stocks for 43+years, futures for 61+ years)
  • Practical for backtesting price based signals (technical analysis), support for EasyLanguage programming language
  • Supporting US stocks & ETFs, futures, US indexes, German stocks, German indexes, forex

What is the price of TradeStation Data?

  • free for Tradestation brokerage clients
  • $249.95 monthly for non-professionals (Tradestation software platform only, without brokerage)
  • $299.95 monthly for professionals (Tradestation software platform only, without brokerage)