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Boeing Finds a New Manufacturing Defect in 787 Jets

Boeing ($BA) has found a manufacturing defect involving its wide-body, twin-aisle Dreamliner 787 jets, a potential setback as the aviation and aerospace company tries to keep up with booming demand for its long-range planes. It may affect about 90 Dreamliners that have been built but not yet delivered.

  • The plane maker called it a “nonconforming condition related to a fitting on the horizontal stabilizer.” It said aircraft that are found to have it will be reworked before ticket and delivery. A Boeing spokeswoman told Barron’s the issue doesn’t affect its forecast deliveries this year.
  • Boeing said it wasn’t an immediate flight safety issue and the in-service fleet can continue to operate. The Federal Aviation and Boeing’s customers have been notified, and the plane maker said it would keep them informed on its progress.
  • Tiny gaps were found in certain areas of the airplane fuselage back in early 2021. And in October 2021, Boeing said nonconforming parts received from a supplier had to be replaced. Deliveries resumed in August 2022.
  • Boeing stock is up 8.8% so far this year, and has gained 47% over the past 12 months as investors have become increasingly optimistic about a recovery in international air travel coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What’s Next: Boeing said in its first-quarter earnings report in April that its 787 program was producing at least three jets a month, with plans to ramp up to five jets a month in late 2023, and 10 jets a month by 2025-26, MarketWatch reported.

Al Root and Janet H. Cho 

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