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Meta’s Zuckerberg Lays Out AI Plan at Employee Meeting

Meta’s Zuckerberg Lays Out AI Plan at Employee Meeting

Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees about how he plans to get the social media and alternate reality company back on track, including his vision for where artificial reality fits in with the parent of Facebook and Instagram, according to Bloomberg. The remarks came at an all-hands meeting.

  • Meta’s top priorities are incorporating AI into its products and the metaverse—the virtual-reality platform that Zuckerberg views as the future of online connections between people, the report said. The meeting comes after thousands of job cuts and spending cuts.
  • Zuckerberg spoke for about a half-hour, the New York Times reported, and other executives presented, including Chris Cox, the chief product officer, who detailed plans to improve the Reels short-video product. Executives also talked about a new social app that would be similar to Twitter.
  • Zuckerberg detailed specific AI products, Bloomberg reported, citing a spokesperson. They include AI agents, which are chatbots for Messenger and WhatsApp, an AI media editing tool for Instagram stories, AI chatbots for employees, and a productivity assistant.
  • The company wants to use open-source technology, the Times reported. That means it will share its AI work with researchers who want to build their own algorithms on top of what Meta has already produced. Zuckerberg said the approach enables more scrutiny.

What’s Next: Zuckerberg encouraged employees to try out new ideas at a generative AI “hackathon” Meta is holding in July, Bloomberg reported. This type of AI, which creates text and images based on prompts, has caught fire since the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot.

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